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5 hours ago, irishfield said:

And still down close to 3000 since October...  ?

I retired May 2008,  on the eve of the big collapse ?, if I remember right, the  DOW consistently tracked about a 1000 below the TSX in those days, now look at the spread, wish I had more American exposure on the recovery with 20/20 hindsight.  Ten years retired I can't get on the roller coaster anymore.

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wanna see the future, check transportation. 

3 months of consistently lower volumes across NA, off a peak that lasted almost 16 months, and started to slow at the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. Internationally, the same, with China now in bear territory in part as a result of tariffs. Volatility will be significantly increased due to the computer programs used by all the major traders, but barring some significant global changes, the bull is due for a rest. Combine that with the ongoing inflationary pressures , inpart driven by tariffs and wage demands that have been stagnant for well over a decade.....


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I retired April 2008 was prepared for a correction because the markets had been trying

for some time. Had everything put the best stuff sold off and in cash or gic.

Plus the remains from my buy out. I took the cash.

I started buying the best stuff I had in Sept and buy Christmas TD,Royal

was avg down to market. Then Cibc, rio can ,pwc.pwf and fortis all to market.

It was a ton of money and I was scared sh....less.

Near the end of Jan I added bns and bmo as new positions.

March went to Vegas and missed the absolute low I had no money anyway. 

It all worked out.  

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The best way to crystallize your loss is to sell now.  KEEP invested in a balanced portfolio of 60% equities (growth) and 40% fixed (bonds etc) .......set it, and forget it (go fishing;)), except to re-balance as required to keep the 60/40 mix.

As the 60% is "crashing", the 40% is growing, thereby mitigating the impact of these market corrections. On Average, you may reduce your paper loss by 25%.

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On 10/4/2018 at 10:59 AM, Smokercrafty said:

Newbie trader here, quick question regarding stop limits. I purchased a bulk of stocks, only to see some of my purchases came in under my stop limit, but I'm wondering how that happens. 


With regards to the stocks, I've made sure I've diversified my portfolio, and so far so good! 

Stop Limit = level in which you wish to sell an existing position if it drops to that point...will only sell if stock trades at the level specified

Stop = level in which you wish to sell an existing position if it drops to that point...once it trades at the specified level it becomes a market order and you could get filled below your indicated stop level 

Limit Buy = a level in which you would like to purchase a stock...if the stock opens below your limit, you receive the market price which could be lower the level specified

Hope that helps.

Was revisiting thread to see how the troll was doing who was calling for WEED to hit the skids...figured he was losing his shirt if he actually put his money where his mouth was and shorted it.  Apparently he's gone though.


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1 hour ago, Garnet said:

My weed money is in BNS. How are the weed stock doing.

great, i'm up about 60-70% YTD in that sector.  we had a bit of a bull run, i've been scaling out, taking profits last couple of days looking for the next dip.  Bout 50% cash right now in the pot stock section of my port.

i've been trading/holding WEED, ACB, APHA, OGI warrants, CWEB and ACRG.U.   Best trade has been the OGI warrants, bought at $1.55 after the legalization dump, sold the last bit at $4.51 today.

i've been eyeing BNS myself.. stock got beat up and may be a good time to get in.  4% divvy doesn't hurt either

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Is there any beginners info anyone can share? I've typically been investing with an advisor that my parents have been with for 30+ years and I've just sold my other house so I have a rather large sum that I'd like to have me making money but I'm thinking I'd like to be a little more hands on, or at least give it a shot... 

I've maxed out my TFSA, as well as my wife's and do monthly RRSP contributions so now I'm wondering how to best use the remainder.

Anyone use Questrade?

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This is a life long learning curve. The idea of making investment and waking up 30 years later rich

is a dream. Unless it's banks.

Fees are very important.

The hardest thing is selling for profit.

Start with a small amount1k-5k .

Buy a bank , buy something in your field, and buy something your brothers uncles best friend recommends.

Now see how you react to stock movement. Un bridle fear is bad, can't sleep bad.

in a few months you study read .

Now you are ready.

Everybody thinks buy something sell for profit invest in dividend aristocrats.

Don't do that.

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats goggle it.

Build a rock solid base keep eye on fees.

Then take 5-10 % no try to making some money.   

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If you knew of a corporation building a distribution center for cannabis distribution, stocks are in the $70 range how much upside is there to dropping a few grand in there before anything is announced?

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One thing you could look at is other stocks that are $70 on the same exchange and what there up side is.

If Trump doesn't get re-elected the markets will crash. Everything Trump did failed business didn't come back to the U.S they went to Cambodia,Vietnam .

And Canada is stuck in the middle of China /U.S. and likely will have a down turn or even a recession.

For me it's a time to gather money. When the ugly shows up buy the best.       

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