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well a plan was sorta put in place to fish lake of the woods saturday, and all went smoothly...NOT Partners bailed, an auger wouldnt work, my auger was unavailable as I called my dad to pick it up, only to find out he had just landed in hawaii, d'oh!!!!

after abit of scrounging i found an auger and a partner to fish with! weather was amazing! which was very welcome after we had been punished in NW ontario for 2 months of -30 to -40 weather. anyhow, saturday morning and all is ready to go, zero wind, sun is out and its -1 at 5am, PERFECT!

i pick up my buddy and as hes loading his gear into the truck, i get a txtx from my lil buddy payne. he wants to go fishing, perfect. its 5 mins outta the way but he just woke up. so i tell him hes got 10 mins to get ready and we will pick him up. arrive at his place around 630 and hes all ready to go! thatta boy payne(kids only 17)



hit the ice by 745 and the ice road is good enough i can jump a snowbank and drive right to the spot I wanna fish. awesome...

drill our first holes, 30'" of ice easily. rods start firing right away and it turns out we are on a school of jumbos and sauger. sauger were all dinks but we got some really nice perch right away. the action was so fast we barely snapped pics, but its was one heck of a way to start the day! this continued for about two hours before i decided to move 60 yards and hit the hump near the island and look for our walleye. oh, i also lost a jumbo at the hole that would have definitely been a PB, but i wasnt too bummed because all rods just kept firing.


we move to the hump, catch a few pike and hit a half hour lull. at this point some random dog shows up. musta strayed off from a cabin or perhaps another angler? anyhow, looked like a pitbull mix with awesome tiger like stripes. the camera didnt do it justice. super friendly pup, shaired a few sandwiches with us and decided that at least for the remainder of the day, he was with us.




the bite pics up again, lots of small walleye at first, then eaters. this continues for anothter few hours and its just insane! triple headers constantly. so fun! but thats lake of the woods for ya!



then a few friends/family show up outta nowhwere, right on! the more the marrier. everyone is catching and it seems we can do no wrong. live bait on jigs, frozen shiners on jigs, spoons, hair jigs, all working.





we are all having a blast and joking around, fish after fish the catching and laughs continue.

the sun starts to set, and our company leaves. I make the call to stay as we have no trophies up to this point. plus its only me second time out and i just wanna enjoy a full day of fishing.


with my knee injury, im also just stoked im off crutches! walking the ice was a careful task but my leg is finally healing!!!!! also, I quick booze about 2 months ago, and its just fun to enjoy nature and take it all in without getting drunk.

back on topic. The decision to stay pays off as I get a huge bite! yes!!!! everyone comes running as I ask for potential assistance to land whatever this is.

get er to the hole and land it. yep, shes no trophy but easily the best fish of the day, and a great way to end the day as well. weird walleye too, probably around 27" but fat as all heck!


we sat in the truck and outside to watch the sunset, so beautiful!

a great time was had by all, and that ended another adventure on a lake I hold very dear to me. LAKE OF THE WOODS RULES!!!!





i hope you enjoy my rambling, and arent to bummed at the lack of pics, but hey, when its that hot of a bite, who wants to be the photographer??? am I right or am I right?

Tight lines fellow OFC'ers!



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11 hours ago, limeyangler said:

Good to see you fishing buddy! Great pics. You inspired me to go out yesterday evening for some walleye.

Trust me, it's been FAAAAR TOO LONG!!!


now it's time to catch up!


Art, hopefully I'll convince you one day!???

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