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super dave

Ski doo grand touring starting issue

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Im not a sled person but my brother in law is having some issues.  Carb was cleaned and new gas.  It starts sometimes but wont stay running.  He was saying something about a des switch.   I know this isnt a lot of info but any thoughts?   Could it be des kill switch?

I know there are some sled guys here so thought i would throw it out there.



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The DES switch will not kill the motor if its not seated properly...you will hear a constant beep until its positioned properly. 

if the carbs were cleaned it could be a low idle setting. there is a knob on the center of the carb assembly that you can turn with your hand...start the machine and give it a turn and you will hear the revs increawe or decrease...try raising the idle revs a bit. 


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