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The lord took her away from me NF

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I special lady my friend and I 'm sorry for your loss. I know the next little while...or longer....will be difficult for you. But eventually you will be smiling again when this all sinks in and you realize just how blessed you where to have Sue by your side. Lots of people in this world have never had anyone like her in there lives so consider yourself blessed.


Be well Cliff. Debbe and I are thinking of you both.

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I'm so sorry to hear Cliff!

I feel SO lucky to have met Sue even though it was a short visit.

You know where I am (work and home) so please feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Again I'm so sorry to hear this...

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I haven't the words to express how I feel for you right now Cliff. I too, as many others I'm sure, have lost my true soulmate in past years. Nary a day passes without I think of her. The cycle of life goes on and we all play our parts be they in joy or grief. Take comfort in knowing she, with mine, has arrived in a blessed place.



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