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Trolling motors gps about to get alot better...

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One year after I buy my Minn Kota 80 the bluetooth version comes out....sheesh


Just read announcement Broadcomm new 2018 chips will give 30-centimeter accuracy instead of today’s 5 meters.

Even better, the chip works in a city’s concrete canyons, and it consumes half the power of today’s generation of chips.


Of course this is directed at cellphones but will trickle down soon enough.

Always thought it was a military spec and the "public" was only allowed 5m.


One another note, hit LSC last tuesday and went 3 out of 5 muskys in 5 hrs.

Nothing huge 43",34" and 36" I believe.


Lake St. Clair is just magic for musky and being able to troll in 15' basically weedless is a dream!

Left boat at home and chartered with FISHLSC.

That's my buddy in the video as he never gets to fish so I let him play with each one.


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you think trolling motors are bad, try keep on top of the GPS units ahahaha. You cant win!


Buy a unit and its obsolete the next day. I had a big conversation recently about how marcum flashers the ones with the big digital screens are totally obsolete and they only came out about 5 years ago. Marcum is going to literally go out of business because of it.


we just bought a terrova with ipilot and blue tooth...im sure i wont be suffering with the 5 meters vs 30cm. Unless you are a billionaire you cant stay on top of this stuff, the ipilots, the ipilot link the blue tooth capability etc etc it just keeps going on.

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I though gps was variable. 5 meters was the norm and at times it could be much better. And the military didn't share when it was more accurate .


This is what I thought as well... GPS could be better but it was the military that had the last say in accuracy.

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