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Awesome Bass Opening Week Report! (Pic's & GoPro Action)

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Good morning everybody! It's been a long fall, winter, and spring but summer is here and my first trip away is in the books! Opening day a good friend of mine was invited to come along for a week of bass fishing on my favourite lakes in Eastern Ontario. I'll stick to my pictures on this report. My buddy had a blast caught his first fish punching & frogging the heavy cover. Don't think he broke 4 but stung quality 2-3lbr's all week. This week had it's challenges I didn't get bite on a Spinnerbait, Swimjig, Frog, Flipping Jig, Deep Cranks, it was a different game when we showed up.


Temp wise we started the week with temps in the mid 70's touching 80 on opening day. Thru the week however I found temps dropped at the lowest mid day finding 69 and the warmest touching 78. It seems like 72-78 was the general temperature most days depending on the wind and rain. Pitching a 1/2oz weight above my go-to plastic's was the ticket on the edges of cover. When we went in punching all I needed was the 1oz tungsten, a punch skirt and my other go-to soft plastic. 2 fish on a swinging hammer this week only in the rain thru pad fields. For hardbait's it was a 1-2 punch. Work the (jerk bait) Vision 110+1 out deep or in the sun and work the (finesse spook) Dog-X Speed Slide thru the darker areas or shade lines mid day. Enjoy the pictures and please watch the video at the end. It's not a "sponsor plug" yet a view of our journey Tuesday-Friday Night of the week(didn't film every day sadly).


My go to bait's this week were as follows:

-Vision 110+1 (Megabass Sexy Shad)

-Dog-X Speed Slide (White Python)

-4.5" PowerTeam Lures Bully Grass Devil (1oz) (4/0 Punch Hook)

-3.5" PowerTeam Lures Texas-Rig Jig (1/2oz) (5/0 EWG+ Hook)


Opening day bucket! We showed up at 1pm had this guy in the boat by 3 or 4pm. Great way to start the week but a 1 bite outing for me.



Chunky low to high 3lbr's better than average was happy for another decent bite.



First 4lb+ of the week swallowed the 110 at the bow-mount jumping straight at me was a wicked scrap! We followed rock wall/rocky banks in the early hours following small "bedroom sized" balls of bait. They would flicker on the surface we would slide in with a 1-2 punch for the kill. Had some incredible numbers some mornings with a 13-16" average. Pop belly pig's we were catching thankfully we got this big one prior to hitting the schooling bait.




Decent chunk from the heavy cover. Sight fish just snuck past a log jam and saw her swim out at nothing it looked. 2 seconds later she was on 3 seconds after that she was in the boat. Got it on go pro dink but happy to have her.



Beautiful morning Smallmouth. Didn't get onto these very much this week, once i had a taste that evening I made sure to walk the Dog-X Speed Slide around and picked up two more mid 3lbr's cast after cast.



Fish #1



Fish #2



Lot of these this week. 2lb chunk's



Ended up fishing a small club tournament on a nearby lake. 19 fully rigged bass boat's showed up we were the little guy. Managed to catch 11.98lbs (not impressed bow mount died mid day didn't help) and take 7th place. 16lb's won that day something that still didn't impress me. Hopefully well get into more come next summer or this August coming.



Towards the end of the week we fished more new water and caught both smallmouth and largemouth on it. Here is a decent smallie once again.



Big fish of the week. Not a 5 but happy to have her. Also made the GoPro edit!




And last but not least ladies and gent's check out this edit I put together. 3 cameras and a lot of time. Was a blast. Next report will be on my 2 week trip this coming August!


Bass Opening Week 2017




MTBF :Gonefishing:

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cool report, and as always some good size tanks in the mix - nice edit on the vid. You guys must fish a lot together - managing to fish off the bow and not pushing or hooking one another.

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Sweet report and great video!


You certainly can figure them out Mike!!!


Great stuff! I love that you add what baits were used/produced


Got chirped hard in the past is what it is. We use nothing but Megabass for hardbait's and PowerTeam Lures for plastics. Owner Hooks, Sunline Line, Nichols Spinnerbait's and Snag Proof Frogs. Bout it man haha :P

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