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L'amable lake - Bancroft area fishing.

super dave

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I just recently purchase a small piece of property on L'amable lake just south of Bancroft - Sort of an impulse buy. I'm looking online for any fishing info on this lake and I'm not coming up with much. Has anyone heard and fished this lake before? Its a medium sized lake and it says it has lakers and smallies.


The Bancroft area has a ton of smaller to medium sized lakes and rivers. if anyone is willing to provide any info on the surrounding water sheds I would appreciate the information. Im not picky on species. I just like to catch something and photo and release, unless its perch! Got some exploring to do this summer. :)


Thanks in advance.

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Can't help you there but congrats for sure. It must be an exiting time for you. There is nothing better info for a local lake that a jug of beer and some locals at the Legion won't get you. Join every service club in the area you can. And let them win at shuffle board and pool.

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