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Hello , New to the Forums

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Hi everyone thought I would introduce myself.

Been a member for a little bit but this is my first post. I have been an avid sportsmen since I was a young boy. Growing up my father taught me how to hunt ( deer,moose ) and fish and and instilled a love and respect for the outdoors.


Im 41, married and don't have any kids. Both my with and myself are very quiet people and i'm pretty shy around new people and it takes me a bit to open up to people. Many times I am taken for standoffish when in truth i'm just shy and nervous around new people .


Growing up all my fishing and hunting was done in the Lanark/Ompah area. I have not hunted in several years as most of the people I hunted with growing up have moved away and we have lost touch with each other. I do miss it quite a bit and keep thinking I will get back into it but never seem to be able to.

I still fish and I still love it! I have recently got my wife hooked on fishing also. So that's a good thing and a bad thing, good that I have something we can do together and share but bad that now when I buy new fishing gear she wants it also! I think one of my biggest fears in life is that if I die my wife will sell my fishing equipment for what I told here I payed for it and not what I actually payed for it. If she knew how much I had actually spent over the years I think she would divorce me.


I now live in Cornwall, On. Not a bad place I guess but I miss where I grew up. There I knew the best places to hunt and fish. Here I have no idea where to go fishing.

We practice catch and release for the most part ( If I go with my dad he likes to keep a few, he has the boat so his boat his rules.) and fish from shore, if anyone knows the Cornwall area and has any info on good spots to go to on public land that would be great. Also, if there's any one in the Cornwall area who wants to get together to go fishing please just message me, always looking for fellow fishermen/women to hang out with .


Well , just wanted to give a quick into and say hi to everyone.

Thanks for allowing me to join.



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Great intro Eric, very good. Most just 1st post "where are the best spots?" I think Cornwall would be a great place to fish. I never have but have been through there and thought it looked great. I do fish on the other side of the river in NY, beautiful country. Mike will lead you in a good direction.

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Hi Eric, welcome and great first introductory post. Good bunch around here, just watch them Virginians they will steal ya spots... :D

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