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Looking at buying a truck cap. Where to buy?

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Thinking of going with a cap instead of the hard top cover I have now.


Looking for some links to places to buy.


I want a solid no window cap, straight out from the top of the truck. Not one with the step level up at the back..

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Lots of places when I was looking B. I decided on brand - wanted one with a guarantee, and a good quality lock. Always found the locks seized or didn't really lock well. Ended up with an ARE. for an extra few bucks, it locks with the rest of the truck, and locks automatically after 3 minutes. I am glad I paid the extra for that with all the goodies that hang out back there. You could pick whatever model you want

Love mine - I chose 2 windows, one that opens. - hasn't leaked and lifetime warranty on paint, fit and function. Perfect colour match to the manufacturers code.


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lots of new ones but the prices make my butt pucker

uh, yeah, ain't that the truth. I had my cheap cap broken into once in my old truck - lost all my tackle..and my you-know-what when I discovered it. So between peace of mind, time looking for a decent used one, and that Kijiji factor. :wallbash: .. it really wasn't any worse than the annual physical.... You may have a bit more luck with a Ram than I did

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Hawk Caps on #2 HWY going towards Brantford they were very cheap.

(519) 759-6043

Some reason their site is down


This is where I got mine Brian, mine is a Jason

Windmill Caps


They also carry superdeals on brand new Truck Tires and Rims.

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I was also going to recommend Windmill Caps north of Elora. They have a huge selection.


X2, They have new and used and are far cheaper than the dealers in town. I got mine there last year. Very good service.

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Thanks guys for all the replys.



Wow, they sure are not cheap. Which is why I asked, looking for a better deal then I have been finding. Im not looking to break the bank, and really dont want something fancy. Just a cover. Something I could go away on a weekend and sleep under cover. Maybe look up making your own and see whats out there.


Finding used ones online is limited. And when I do, they want the same close to new cost.

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