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Family Fishing Getaway -- July...?

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Hey folks,


Just looking for some advice.


My wife and 2 of our 4 girls are wondering about a 3 or 4 night fishing getaway this coming July. They love to fish, and our older 2 girls are working at camp, so it's a great time to do it.


We have our own boat, all gear, etc.


Just wondering if people had some ideas of good lodges, drive-to places to go? We aren't afraid to drive 5-6 hrs or more if the fishing is worth it.


We live just north of Barrie.


We'd love to fish for walleye, pike, and bass mostly. Budget would be around $1,000-$1,500...depends on the options.


Thank you very much!



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You can get a decent cottage on Nippising for a week in that price range. If you hit early July you sometimes run into monster shad fly hatches though. A bit later in the month would be ideal. You probably should book soon, we just booked last week for August and a lot of places where nearly booked. The fishing is reliable and there are lots of nice sand beaches around and being close to North Bay offers other options for things to do. I'm going up to Nippissing twice this summer, and we have a family cottage, so that tells you how much we like it!

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July and August are usually only week long bookings, but always depends on how busy the places are.


Lac Kipawa has a lot of camps. Beautiful lake, fishing can be poor to great. Might be worth a look.


Otherwise, I would just hit a Kawartha Lake. Rice lake being my preference for nice cottages, Pigeon for fishing (well, walleye and musky - Rice has great bass and panfish).

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