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Carrot Stix rods?


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Guess I don't watch enough media promotion? These things were selling like crazy at the spring fishing and boat show. The felt really light, but I didn't really see them as feeling overly sensitive? Naturally the rep claims you can feel everything through them. People were buying 2 at a time. Their pricing convinced me that I could live without one. At least till I find out more.

Anybody used one? https://www.carrotstix.com/


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They sure we're selling in our booth yesterday. Pretty sure the huge priced drop had something to do with it. 2 years ago they wanted 220 plus per rod... now there selling for 100 each... or 2 for 160!

nice meeting you yesterday Meegs - I was hoping some of our jigs would be there. Looking forward to trying them out this year. I wonder if the price drop has anything to do with the long term outlool for them?


I think they are ugly, but they could not call them Ugly Stix as the name was taken. I also held a couple and they felt cheap and chunky and could not believe the price, If I am dropping serious dosh on a rod its gonna be a St.Croix or something similar.

uh, yup. on both counts, I was in big time sticker shock on the price of St Croix and Fenwicks! The dollar is down, what 30%? Why are the prices up 60% , especially during a show, I was hoping for better. I had hoped to pick up a couple decent rods at reasonable discounts.- discontinued Walleye Elite - $179??? left with money in my pocket


I got one of their top end models for free the other day from a buddy that broke 4-5 inches off the tip


It's super light but feels brittle and week


I fixed the tip and I'll use it for Lindy rigging in the fall


I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on it Mike.

they are the most brittle rod ever sold.

That was pretty well exactly my thoughts when I held one. The rep says they are one of the strongest rods on the market? "The real carrot fibres they use makes them that way." :dunno: I'm thinking, I get a big fish on one of these and he takes me in the weeds it'll be a snap to bring it in. as in snap the rod in half and do a hand retrieve.

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out of curiousity, did some further research.


appears E21, the company who made Carrot Stix went bankrupt (actually, more disappeared).


appears their remaining inventory was sold off to a 3rd party company who is now selling their stock at deep discounts.


If you do a search for the parent company, E21, you will find many lawsuits, both on their fishing rods, as well as apparently some golf clubs they made and screwed customers on as well.


I would be very leery buying a carrot stix rod from ANY retailer. Further, I'd be leery of any retailer selling these rods.

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This is my recollection. When they first hit the market they were a big deal. Very light and sensitive. Then they started blowing up or something, lol. Maybe not literally blowing up, but breaking. I never heard a thing about them ever again. I thought they may have gone out of business. Anyway, it's all anecdotal, but that's what is in my head. For what it's worth.

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Bought 2 E21 corrot sticks new in the wrapper $20 a piece at the bowmanville swap a few years ago....Still kicking my ass for not buying the other 3 the guy had. These rods work great.


The new ones I have never try'd yet.

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you can get similar performance in the boyd ducket line of white rods, he was the designer of the carrot stix and parted ways with e21 to create his own, good rods one of best parabolic actions out there, would have bought more carrot sticks if i could have found them, but ended up getting some st.croix avidx and legend tournament rods

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