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Already thinking of soft water fishing. I keep seeing video's of guys using the Megabasss Vision 110's and catching lots of fish with them. Given the price point of these lures I was looking at picking one or two Megabass Vision 110's. For experienced users of this jerkbait, what top 2 colours would you recommend for the Kawartha area?


As well, noticed the Rick Clunn Luck E strike STX jerkbaits have a very similar profile. Any comparison between the two?



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Although I am not in the Kawarthas, stick to forage colours to begin with. I have a few different ones but use Deadly Black illusion and Deadly black shad a lot. I started off with deadly black illusion and deadly black shad originally and had pretty good success. The started buying different ones. My favourite right now are the perch and gill colours. If you want a little bigger profile, check out the Shiner. I had (damn pike!) a perch pattern one of those and it worked great.


The RC stix are a direct rip off of the 110 body. The differences will be in the quality of paint, o rings and hooks.


The Megabass 110's use Katsuage hooks made specifically for them by Gamakatsu. They are light wire hooks that will bend easily but the reverse barbs do not pop out often at all as they are stupid sharp. You just need to learn to back off the on the drag.

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I've never had any lips break. I know a few guys who have had a few break but they were replaced free of charge.


The first one I bought sat in the tackle box for 2 years before I used it. After I figured there was no sense in buying them if you're not going to use them, I started throwing it and started buying more. I've got 9 or 10 right now and will be buying 6-8 more this off season. They just give me confidence and I've caught a ton of bass on them.

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Now that you mentioned it, I have also broken the lip on two. I just thought that it was from hard abuse banging on rocks ect....

I really like the megabass 110 and the magnum 110.

As for colours, I would say the perch or bluegill colours for the Kawartha lakes. Maybe use a flouro leader because the pike and muskie love em.

If you like the high end baits, give the lucky craft pointers and flash minnows a try. Always run great right out of the box.

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