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A fish report, believe it or not

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I'm jealous. Catching was a bonus eh? Look at that sky, not a cloud. Nice, nice.


Why did I put the boat away Nov 1st, duh. The best November weather I can ever remember, ever. When I was working I always went south for 2 weeks at least. Cold, wet, damp, windy, flurries, freezing rain, snow. Yuck. This is central California weather without the rain.

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Just a leisurely aft out for a paddle with my wife dragging a Rapala behind----caught 3 small pike as well. A lot better than 2 hard days fishing with my buddy recently. :) . My wife is not interested in going back out today, though, for some reason??!



Not sure why. LOL


I lasted 2 hours. That was enough for me. Bloody line was flying off the pin.LOL

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As dutch said.


I enjoyed it. Not every report needs 8 thousand pictures and 10 page write up.


I seen a nice fish, a canoe, nice weather and a happy angler...


10/10 in my book

I actually prefer this style of report. Tell me what it is, how big it is, how you caught it and when, then show me a picture and I'm more than happy. I don't need to know what you ate, what brand the coffee was, or how many loons you saw on the lake.

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