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White Lake (Near Arnprior)

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Hey all- My buddies and I are torn between fishing for pickerel on White Lake tomorrow or going to Big Gull Lake (frontenac). We have fished Big Gull many times with good and bad days. We want to try somewhere new that is within 2 hours from Central Frontenac and White Lake is a place that has been on the hit list for awhile.

Anybody fished it this year or ever and have some advice or feedback on fall fishing there??? Thank you

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Thank you. I just called him and reserved a boat so I guess im going to White Lake:)

yw... Adam is totally involved with the lake as a whole as well, including creating and improving spawning grounds throughout the lake. Things have changed big time in some areas over time, for instance the mouth of Fish Creek, which has gone from a deep rocky slope along the lake shore, and turned into a featureless silt laden basin over the decades of all those swamps dumping down the creek


Fyi, the lake is chock full of clone 2-2.5lb bass if you want to play midday. Lot's of fun on light outfits. Healthy Pike population too. You won't be bored. If you can find any green plants still that would be a good starting point.


Have fun... I've no doubt Adam will point you straight. Don't be shy to ask questions before you head out. Hint: Ask him about that nice hump off of Pickerel bay lodge. With the right wind it can be a good jigging spot... :)



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