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Some beautiful old sailing ships

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Morning boys, the Mrs. and I have been away on a 17 day drive through the Maritimes. We visited some great spots and I took a few pictures of some old sailing ships that I thought some of you may enjoy seeing.


This one takes people out from St. Andrews NB to watch whales in the Bay of Fundy




This ship was in Lunenburg NS and owned by a group of folks from Holland who basically just sail around the world. They just returned from the Carribean and were getting ready to sail back home.




Floating museum in Lunenburg




This old girl is the Picton Castle also based in Lunenburg and travels the world teaching folks how to sail. It's normally white but has just returned from Europe where they painted her black for some movie they were making.


There was a show on TV a few years back about her trips and some may recall hocky player Bob Gainey's daughter fell over board from her and was killed.




Up in Halifax this beauty takes folks on sight seeing trips.




Canada's most famous sailing ship is definitely the Bluenose and the Bluenose 2 is an incredible ship to see.


She's normally based in Lunenburg but we missed her there as she was sailing to Halifax but we timed it perfectly and saw her there.


Diane and I were sitting in a waterfront restaurant when she came into harbor and I got this picture thru the window.


Doesn't get much better than that.




Absolutely gorgeous ship






Here's a couple pics of some Right Whales we spotted in St. Andrews.


Evidentely there's only 3-500 left in the world so it seems we were very lucky to spot 8 of them this day and even though it doesn't appear in the pictures, we were actually only about 200' away when these ones surfaces and we could actually hear them blowing the water out. Beautiful to watch them surface, blow out the water and breath for a bit, then raise their monstrous tails and dive straight down.








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Great pics Lew, looks like a fantastic time!

Seeing those whale shots from St. Andrews brings all kinds of great memories back. After moving to Ontario in 1988 when I was 6, I spent every summer back in NB with my grandparents. Whale watching, tide hiking, swimming in the ocean...those were some of the great times I remember. Keep them coming Lew, cheers!



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Cast-Away, yes the ship was open to visitors in Halifax but it was so darned packed I didn't bother standing in line to board her, although if it wasn't so busy I would definitely would have. To go on a cruise though, they're booked weeks in advance.


Jesse, I love the Maritimes and was station in Halifax in the 60's when I was in the Navy, but have gone back a couple times since then.


Always great memories after visiting the area.

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Beautiful shots Lew! Thanks for that


I remember the Picton Castle and avidly watched the show back then when the "Canada's Worst Driver" host was on it.


I even briefly considered going on the ship until I found out how much they charge you to work on their ship.


Glad you got time to enjoy the Maritimes again.




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What a beautiful piece of Canada you guys are seeing, Lew. I've never been, myself, but always enjoy pics and stories from those who go. The sailing ships are gorgeous, especially our Bluenose.


I love nautical history so I've always been interested in our east coast provinces and may get there some day yet.


How about the food; have you eaten the local fare yet, Lew? Any cod or lobster fillin' yer belly??

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Cool pics! Bay of Fundy is the one with the crazy tides? Years ago one of my uncles took his family up there on vacation, he got his car stuck in an area affected by the tides and had to get a tow before they came in! They were clam digging or looking for sea shells I think?

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