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Not Quite Dead Yet... Busy Fishing.

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Work and play this summer have surely kept me living. End of June and the school year, had returned from Nipigon after a short stint guiding for Onaman River Resort and the New Fly Fisher. BIG, BIG, BIG, pike over and over again with some great speck fishing too. Speckie episode should air sometime in February.

School out, the following four weeks was spent at home with the girls, yet with a little local work thrown in. Don't do well with mid summer heat so fishing took a back seat to household chores and family time, yet the Missus took two weeks away for family and work of her own in the busy and battered community of Attawapiskat.

Once she returned home I departed to Nunavut for a month of work and some fishing in the small, remote community of Kugaaruk. Both the job and the arctic char fishing were tough, but in the end quite exceptional and extremely rewarding. Combining my profession with passion to this extent was a first. Felt great!

Home a couple weeks for down time before school was to start I plied the local waters a little for lakers and muskie. Returning to old and visiting brand new as well, made for success. Once the bell rang though, I snuck away with a good friend for a week in the north to get in a little camping and some pretty fish.

Reports falling behind now, family has me for a few weeks before planning to head off to the Sunshine State for six days of some entirely new fishing. When able, fall muskies, smallies and maybe some walleye will grace the gunnels before mid November likely has me call it a season. Reports will come...

And so yeah, not dead! Not dead at all. Very much alive and enjoying each day every which way I can.






Best of luck for the fall fishing season.


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