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Pigeon Lake Fishing

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Hey folks,


Just wondering if anyone has been on Pigeon recently?

We're heading up fishing this coming weekend and hope to target walleye and bass -- catch and release.


Often at this time of year the fish have begun to head deep, but given this year's unique weather I'd hate to venture any guesses...?


Glad to have any feedback about what people are finding to try and make our time as successful as we can.


Thanks in advance!



PS -- wacky worms in the weeds for largies working?? Senkos have saved many slow trips for sure...:)

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Had good luck with eyes in August.

North end.

Mostly under slot. Some over.

Only a few within.

Last 2 weeks have been tough

Jigging shallow and deep.

Trolling deep diving cranks.

Bottom bouncing stick baits.

15-25 ft around structure.

Haven't tried worm harnesses.

Catching smallies. Nothing big.

No eyes worth mentioning.

More and more Muskie trollers out.

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