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mike rousseau

Boat Pedestal

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I'm looking for a wedge pedestal... I'd prefer a fixed height no trouble post. I find the $200+ adjustables break and the seals give out


Only problem is they seam to jump from 13-15" then the next size is 24-25"


I want something between 18-20"


Are there any out there?

Is there a way to cut down a 25"?

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Two weeks ago i just changed out all my seat post bases on my 1998 lund from wedge to the new clip in, clip out.


I have a virtually brand new adjustable bass seat that goes to 31" I believe and a single standard seat post that came with the Lund Boats...


Mike, I know the amount of fishing you do, and the boat you have.....


Those wedge seat post mounts are horrible.....but if you can use either posts I have, let me know.

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