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About that wall....

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An estimated 1,500 Americans illegally and unexpectedly washed up in Canada late Sunday after strong winds blew them across the St. Clair River near Sarnia, Ont.

They were participating in the annual Port Huron Float Down, during which people simply float down the river on rafts, inner tubes and other flotation devices from Port Huron, Mich.

High winds pushed them to a number of points along the Canadian shore. They had to be rescued by Sarnia police, the OPP, the Canadian Coast Guard, Canada Border Service Agency and employees from a nearby chemical company Lanxess Canada.

In the Canadian Coast Guard video below, you can hear thankful Americans praising Canada for its rescue efforts.



Link has more info:





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there is no organization responsible for this event, everyone except the people participating knew what was going to happen, so they were prepared. if you've ever seen the st clair river on a weekend, its no walk in the park, boat traffic alone kicks up 3ft waves on a calm day, not to mention the shipping freighters that come through.


they were all shipped back across the border via city bus with police escort. being from Sarnia, and seeing it first hand, its similar to that of float your fanny down the ganny, but with no safety measures.

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