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Aluminum welding recommendations (near KW preferably)

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I need to have someone repair a bracket on my boat, it's starting to crack and I'd like to get it repaired before it gets too bad. The repair would have to take place on the boat directly since the bracket is riveted in on one end so I can't remove it. I'm located in Waterloo and am calling places to see if they would do it but I thought I'd ask on here in case there are any recommendations. I'd prefer to stay somewhat local but will be willing to travel a bit if there's someone that comes highly recommended.

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I'm currently not with the boat and don't have any pics on hand, but I'm pretty sure I know why its happening. The transom is more angled that what I've seen on most small boats (rather than vertical), and the motor thats been on it for a while is a 25 hp Honda 4 stroke which I suspect is pretty heavy for this transom. I've had it for about 5 years now and did notice the small stress on the bracket early on, and I've been using a transom saver for trailering it. However lately I've been taking it camping and took the saver off for the trail down which was extremely bumpy, so that probably didn't help. And its also been at the cottage and I think some others have used it and probably trailered it on bumpy roads in the fully tilted position. I just realized this was happening though and then noticed the cracks when I inspected it.


So I'd like to try and just patch it up and keep an eye on it. At this point I really don't want to replace the motor\boat for what we use it for. So just looking for bandaid solutions.

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