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Hats off to the local Rotory club. Kids fishing day

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This club and all the sponsors put on a great day for the kids to enjoy the fun of fishing. Bag of goodies,worms, rods ( for free) rigged with a bobber and hook.






My little fisher girl had booked this day for us to attend the event. I was looking forward to it all week. She even had poppys lucky hat on, and it didnt let her or myself down. Perch after perch. We were having a great time.





DSCF4649 kd.JPG




That was till she noticed the play land. LOL




Hats off to all that bring a smile to a kid, and help them get into the great sport of fishing.



I do have one little beef here.


Why is BPS, giving free rods and reels away, for the kids to enjoy? Why is Cabelas not stepping up here in thier local city? Shame on them. This is the second year, since they have been in our city, and not been one of the sponsors.


Kudos to BPS, for stepping up and making a kids day.




Poppy and little fisher girl.





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