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3657 Km 19 Brookies, 57 Walters and more pike than one can shake a stick at

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I will preface, this was not a fishing trip ( my wife reminded me frequently). This was a vacation that happened to have some great fishing along the way.


Day 1



No fish were harmed, we stayed at Bruce park, went for a hike had a great dinner and consumed copious amounts of beer and wine celebrating the beginning of our journey.


















Day 2


We Caught the ferry to Manitoulin did some sightseeing and crashed in some shady park in Whitefish falls. At this point i had Nipigon on my mind and as just trying to cover some Miles . We tried for some evening Walleye with no avail other than oos Bass.











Day 3-5


Headded Through the Sault to Agawa Bay at LSPP. I have spent some time here growing up, my Mom used to work here in the 70's and we frequented the park often growing up. This place is infested with brook trout every ditch, culvert and lake holds fish and I sneaked off frequently during out stay to take advantage.



























I Love this Park and could spend a month here, so many fond memories over they years.



Day 6-9





I Have dreamed about this for years, I knew this place would be special And it did not disappoint. hey I have a giant brook trout tattooed on my arm what can i say. In fact I already have a ten day trip planned for next spring. Day one I was greeted at the lake with dead flat water and beautiful scenery. I was shocked as I left the ramp I spooked a monster Brookie from the shallows in gin clear water it would be one of the many 5 lb trout I would see at the side of the boat that day that would not bite. I fished for 8 hours and had 15 plus fish follow to the boat that would not commit. the fish were sunning in 1-3 fow on points it was magnificent and infuriating. I had a hard time sleeping that night knowing i only had 24 hours left to make it happen in the place of my dreams. The next morning the winds were sketchy but with the pressure on I headed out any ways I beelined it to my favourite spot..... first drift 3rd cast... fish on... was the biggest Brookie of the trip at 17 inches... no monster but the pressure was off. I fished the same drift for the next hour catching 6 trout all small and all in 1-3 fow before the waves were WAY more than i was comfortable with it took me almost an hour to get back to the shelter of the bay I launched in. It was now 9 am but the waves were upwards of 2 ft in the river with gusts of 30mph I was stuck in a small bay but managed 3 more trout. At around noon i got desperate and I sent out a planer board with a small spoon 10 ft behind it with a plan to crash it on the shoreline to try and trick the spooky monster of my dreams. not 2 min in i had my moby dick on the line....i was in utter dismay when i got it to the boat and it was a 5 lb Whitefish. This is a magnificent place, and i will be back often.. Sorry I need to work on the selfie fish pics. Also saw my first ever lynx here.















Day 10-12





This place is Just outside Hearst And we loved It. Small park with 50 Campsites, and Great Fishing, Fish were in Tight in 3-5 fow near river and creek mouths. For the most part simple fishing something I have not done in a long time . Jig and Minnow was the ticket.




























Day 11-12


Was spent socializing in in Iroquois Falls my guide for Big Abitibi fell through so i was kinda bummed but was nice so see some old friends and their new children lots of beers and laughs.




Was spent near Temiskaming


Its were my wife and I spent our honeymoon and is special place to us I hit a rainbow and 2 speck lakes but the fish had complete lockjaw with the 30 degree temp and high sun. Many more beers and some great food was had.






Was a fantastic trip that reminded me how much I miss simple fishing, just fishing for whatever bites . There was no monsters, just lots of laughs with the wife, a great suntan and memories that will last a lifetime. In fact I have decided to sell my Salmon Boat next spring and will be picking up a big tiller. anyone have any experience with Alumaweld sportskiff in the 18-20 ft range



Big thanks to

Chris Brock for letting a complete stranger borrow his boat


MIke Borger

Adam Dempsey



for all the tips,spots and maps

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Great report Freshtrax awesome photos looks like you and the wife had a good trip thanks for sharing and good on you Chris for lending out the boat.

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Now that makes for a great trip and report. Thanks for posting your adventure. I hope to have a road trip lined up next year.

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Nice job man, can't wait to see some pics when I get home from work (They're blocked here)

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Great report! Reminds me of my trip to Manitoulin/Sault Ste Marie last year which was not at all a fishing trip ( only one fish caught lol) Wish I went all the to Agawa bay, but after reading your post Andrew, I think a redo of the trip is a must in the near future.


And I am not surprised Chris lent his boat to Andrew. Both are great guys! :good:

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I'm not lending stuff out anymore. :) When Andrew returned the boat he had replaced the crap front seat with a brand new swivel seat, not necessary but thanks man, good people here on OFC.

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great stuff Andrew - looks like a blast. The reason I went with an 18 footer too - can do the big water on the right days but still small enough to tow for smaller lakes.

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That looks like a perfect way to spend 2 weeks with the wife! My better half would love that. I think you just inspired our vacation for 2018. All that was missing was jamming a few tunes around the campfire. You nailed everything else. Good stuff man!!



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Thanks guys, it was a memorable trip, if you have never done the drive from the Sault to nipigon that alone is worth it.

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17 from the Sault to Nipigon is a great drive. I hope you stopped at a few of the lookouts! I wanna do that train tour in Agawa Bay in the fall.

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Amazing photos, thanks for sharing and making me feel like I'm missing out on something special. LOL

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