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Change of plans. Short report

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Well, my pops called me two days ago to go fish. "Of course"! We dont do it enough these days.


Plan was to head out this am around 6am just after I seen our kids off on their grade 8 toronto trip.


Everything is good. Weather is overcast, barely a lick of wind, off we go.


In fort we pick up the boat. Chatter over a coffee and decide redgut or porters inlet on rainy lake. Off we go


Hit the causeway and see whitecaps on rainy. Not good. Change of plans for the 16 footer.


Sawbill for crappie and pike it is, a mere 20 minute detour. Downside, no walleyes.


Arrive to the ramp, WOW! About 8 rigs all from wisconsin or missouri, I forget.


No this is a tiny lake,12 minutes one end to the other with a 75. So for us, this is crowded.


Launch, and its perfect. Nice and sheltered, barely a lick of wind. Launch and ready to fish!


D'oh! 2 boats on shore with dead batteries. Back up we head, beach the boat as I grab my pops new truck so we can give em a boost. Good deed for the day done.


Now lets fish! First spot I wanna hit is shallow! But nobody is on it! My dad is doubtful. "7 fow? No crappies in 7 fow"


Yes dad, I agree, just fish and see, lol.


Fush all over. A minute in I land about a 7"perch! Wooooohoo hahaha. Dads up next, 10" crappie.


As soon as he gets the hook out im on!


"So no crappie in 7 fow hey dad"?


"Of course there here, I told you they would be"


Hahahahhaha whatever.


We proceed, fish after fish, mostly clones in the 10-12" range. The bite is still on but hey, we got limits and we are an hour in, lets explore the lake.


That didnt go so well. The lake is mostly flat and 15 fow at most. We market all the midlake structure we could, fished em and picked up a few more fish on each spot.


By 1030 ish, weather still perfect, nature is calling. Dads had too much fibre.


We pull to shore in the middle of some weeds. Awesome! I got time to cast for pike!


We did plan a pike boil for shorelunch as well, so here we go.


First cast, a big girl shows herself to the whitespinnerbait, and proceeds to break me off in 3fow as I watch her swim off. Many curses as I tie in a black spinner bait.


Cast #2, same damn fish, same result! UGHH!!!!! Seriously? A few more casts, couldnt catch her. Have fun with your new jewellery


Turn right and cast a mepps, baaaam, oh yeah, thats an eater! 26". Shore lunch baby!


Dad comes down from the woods and sees the result. "Good, I was hoping youd do that". Lol


He makes a few casts to the left as well as I tell him of my missed fish and he lands another good one!


Awesome! Pike boil!!! Its a lil early, but we are already on shore so lets have at er. Dad tries the fillet knife he bought me and loves it!


Lunch is on so we do some catching up, have some laughs etc. I took a quick swim in the 65 degree water, REFRESHING! hopefully my voice is back to normal tomorrow j/k.


Food was delicious. At this point I can tell pops is tired as he just came off a 12 hour night shift. So I take over. He nods in and out between jigging, I giggle.


He misses a few good bites but oh well.


Each spot I find structure I pick up more fish. Some smaller, some bigger, all fun! I mark each spot on my dads GPS for later use so he can be a "supreme guide" lol.


My dads a "I found this spot 20 years ago" kinda guy. Its funny, but he is a VERY GOOD ANGLER


Around 2 we call it a day. I dont wanna leave but he needs sleep and its obvious. I try to delay, trolling slowly casting for pike. Eventually we hit the shore.


All in all a great fish! Great weather, food and company.


I love my dad and cherish the moment?


We ended the day around 80 or so crappie, 1 perch, 1 sucker, and I think 6 pike(landed).


The ride home is nice. Dad needs some help at home quick, so I help out. He drives me home after as our vehicle is in the shop.


Gets to see his granson and seems to catch a second wind! Thats my dad! Now hes talking about playing soccer and goung stateside to play some tennis later. Hes a machine!


I swear what 8 hours rest does for me,he gets in a 10 minute cat nap.


Sorry for the lack of pics, but it drives my dad nuts hahah. That and who needs a phone out when the company and fishing is that good?


See ya soon sawbill.


Kiddos off to toronto at 540am!






Quick selfie. This used to be my grandpas place and it kinda tears me up when I visit




Cramped landing. All americans. Firat time in years Ive fished this lake and no COs




Yeah their feeding! Inhaling lures






These, all morning. Fun times! Bass hold a 10/11"er lol




Dads face when he realized I was right about shallow fish?





The lake was dead calm. We had 28 degrees at the landing. In the lake in felt like 20. Perfect!




The princecraft. Nice little rig for up here. Still needs i pilot?




The new truck???





Gramps and Karsten




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I asked for this to be deleted lol.


Its posted twice


Propane tank was for the pike boil.


Chris, it basically a big soup full of veggies, seasoned and cooked. Then you add in chunks of pike about the last 5 minutes.


Its really tasty


And yes, we should have just brought cannisters and a small coleman like usual


No idea why but my dad brought a full size fryer and that tank?


Anyhow it wasnt in the way or anything so no biggie

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