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Let's talk props

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Ok, so I dinged up my 50 merc 2 stroke prop nicely this past weekend..


I've never bought a prop before.. my o/b has a 3 blade on it now. I'm assuming a 3 blade over 4 blade for speed.. the opposite to get up on plane quicker. Is this correct?


I would like to buy a new one and get this one repaired and have as a spare. Where can I buy a new one before this weekend in the GTA?


Also, is it worth it to spend the extra cash for stainless steel over aluminum?

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You don't need a stainless prop so save your $$$ there.

If your current 3 blade prop gets your machine up near it's red line then pick up one of these https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/ca/propellers/elite-series/spitfire/ with the same pitch as your 3 blade. You will still attain the same WOT RPMs and will gain on hole shot and fuel mileage. You "may" lose up to 1 MPH on top speed but the drop in time to plane and cornering as well as the better range more than make up for the loss of 1 MPH.

I noticed a huge improvement when I went from 3 to 4 blade aluminum and less so from 4 blade aluminium to 5 blade stainless on my boat.

Still working on the set up with my 5 blade so will be going back to the 4 blade while the 5 gets tweaked @ the prop guys place. ;)


The cost difference between the 3 or 4 blade aluminium and any stainless prop is huge.

You can buy 3 or 4 aluminium props for the cost of my 5 blade stainless prop.

The aluminium props can be had for under $200. I think I paid $120US for my 4 blade in Florida.



I should also mention that getting aluminium props repaired is a lot less $$$$ than stainless.

About 1/3 the cost for repair work at Citywide Welding in Mississauga.

Best prop shop anywhere as far as I'm concerned.

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Get a hydrofoil to attach to the cavitation plate if you want to economically get on plane faster and stay there at slower speeds. Also the place in north Mississauga that repairs props ....... can't recall their name offhand but someone here can help) and I had them fix one a while ago. Located just north of Derry between Dixie and Torbram roads. They also have some props so you might be able to buy one as spare with a diff pitch to change things also. The 'experimental' (they said) prop I got gets me going faster but with a few people on board it struggles a bit to get onto plane. So I just change it when boat gets loaded up to the standard prop. I have a hydrofoil and am happy with it. I run a 45hp Mariner.

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