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BIG THANKS out to Freshtrax for bimini repair

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About 6 weeks ago I posted in the forum asking about bimini repair shops.


Members were great and followed up with the names of reputable shops etc.


I contacted a few but quickly found out that it is their busiest time so my job would be put in que accordingly.

I 100% understand shops putting $1000 jobs ahead of mine so I thought I'd have to wait for the slow time (next winter).


Anyways, I got a reply back from Freshtrax that his wife may have time for the job. He stated that she wasn't professional but would give it her best shot.


I dropped it off and a few days later was told to come pick it up as it was done!



Got around to installing it today and just have to say "WOW"! After looking at the bimini I felt bad as it wasn't as easy as I explained and probably took alot of time.


Another big bonus was actually meeting Freshtrax and talking fish with him.

Couldn't meet a nicer guy and one of the reasons this forum is invaluable to me.






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I second that! Andrew is a great guy and I got to see the cooler seat cushions he had on his boat that his wife made. I though they were professionally made until he told me his wife made them! :clapping::good:

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