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Algonquin park 2016 trout fest


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The opening of the park was delayed but we still got in for an epic 5 day run. Normally we do more but the delays played havoc with the guys work schedules. Friday morning we were ready to push off the shore of Cedar lake at Brent and paddle across to the Petawawa River to start our first portage.

13173799_1092246780814794_8245942445413591512_n (1).jpg


One of the portages up the Petawawa is Unicorn hill and has a reputation for being a killer, Got to admit it lived up to it at 2.4km long and uphill. Of course we had to do it twice with the amount of gear we had. But after the climb and 7.2km of Unicorn hill we felt great to be done with the toughest part of our trip.



Set up at camp



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And the fish start to flow!!!



Brookies and Lakers were biting awesome.

Had a full on blizzard on the Sunday afternoon but kept fishing all the same.



Nice to get back in the quiet of the Park, not a soul around the entire time.

Paddled out the Nipissing and back to Cedar

May have to do a fall trip.


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That's a long drive from southern Ont. but those trout make it worth it. I like the west side off Butt. The intimacy of the smaller lakes and rivers is more my style. How were the flies ?

Not a bug in sight! Gotta like that lol

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Awesome report, I'm always wanted to try this. Might have to get some of the guys together!
How did you plan the portage? Is there maps and such. Pm me if you could. Thanks :)

Check out Jeffs Maps @ http://www.algonquinmap.com/

Great maps with all the distances on them. We have done many out of Cedar and Brent. There are in and out trips or loops to do, your pick. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll give you all the answers I can.

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