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Brookie Report


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Finally... the small stream I fish for brookies hit the magical temp and the fish would start to feed more willingly! I made it out for a few hours before work today because the weather was beautiful! A very nice place to spend a day, a true gem hidden in Southern Ontario!


I spent most of my time fishing a small stretch of the stream that is much wider than the rest of the stream. Usually It is no more than a couple feet wide, but this corner is about 10 feet wide or so!




Mepps and worms did the trick today. Fished for about 2 hours and managed to bring in about a dozen, missing many more. All fish were released to swim and grow another day. This picture shows about the average size of today's catch.... still dreaming of breaking the 10" mark on this stream!





Next up I am hoping to get on a larger stream for trout where I can get out the fly rod, not sure whereabouts yet though!

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I'm glad to see guys still stream fishing like this. It can be tough walking and casting but those little brookies make it worthwhile of course.


I tried the small river in my backyard today. It must still be early up here because even though the water was down and the bugs are starting, I'm not seeing any activity.

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Great report Snaggy


I love fishing for small stream brookies. It's definitely a nice change of pace from my steelhead fishing and it can be quite challenging and technical at times - Especially when it comes to drifting log jams and dry fly fishing when they're eating everything on the surface except your fly. Dealing with black flies and mosquitoes really does suck though.LOL

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