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Manitoulin Island fishing


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Heading up early August, never fished the waters around the island, never even been to the island. I'll mainly be targeting Salmon and trout but would like to try for walleye, pike and muskie as well. Looking for ports or locations to stay out of and where we can access water for salmon and trout but also try for other species. Where are the best locations for early August fishing? I have an 18' Princecraft and I'm ok with fishing rough water or covering long distances if need be.

thank you

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You can try West Bay for Salmon. I did there once - only caught one, but it was decent. There is a Public Launch there.


Lake Manitou has Small Mouth, and Rainbows - and probably other stuff. Only been on it once for fishing. A few launches around the lake.


Manitowaning Bay - Trying to remember as I only was there once, but I believe there is a fish farm at the bottom of the Bay. You can troll around it and catch rainbows that escape. I caught a nice one there.


In terms of places to stay, I don't really have any feedback. My Cousin lives there, so I am always staying with Family.

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