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pet friendly cottage resorts?

Bass Tard

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Hey, anyone here with some recommendations on some pet friendly resorts here in Ontario to visit this summer?

We've either visited or eliminated a lot of the resorts on this website:



I'm just thinking that some people here may have a few more suggestions. I have a bernese mountain dog, and she loves to go to the cottage with me.



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Thanks, I'll look into a few of those! The one on nippissing looks nice!


We've stayed at pine grove before. We both actually really enjoyed it there, the only bad thing we had to say about it was the fishing was super tough. Its hard to have everything in one place, I know. But its the only thing there that really keeps us from going back. I asked people and they said they were catching walleye trolling in 150' of water... I'm not sure if they were just pulling my leg, but I tried it, super boring.

It was nice to be able to take a short drive to algonquin, we all had a great time there.

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