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Ice fishing in Haliburton Lake.


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I grew up on that lake but never fished in in the winter way back then. Haven't been there in years either... We were on Delaney Dr (now shortened and called Delaney Rd). It was named after my grandfather for bringing 'hydro' to the area. Good luck Chris and yes there are some BIG lakers in there!

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I've fished the opposite end from you, a friend has a cottage on Dignan rd. not at all familiar with the lake but did notice the huts seemed to follow a trench. Folks on the outside of the trench did poorly (us) ones on the drop off did ok. A couple of lakers & whities were caught, nothing huge but we hit the lake the night after a huge drop in temp, went from -5 (high) to -35 (never mind the wind chill) planning on a return trip this year.

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Thanks guys. Can't wait till it freezes over. Bought myself an auger and a hut today! GBW-I'm actually very close to Delaney. At the end of curry road.

Curry was Delany from the main road all the way to the current Delaney. We were in the bay about 5 driveways in from "hali" lake rd. The driveway was a big U and had a main cottage, enclosed breezeway and attached smaller cabin. I wonder if the shoes are still nailed to the tree at the top of the hill on the one side of the driveway... HA

*edit to add* blue maker on the road is 1944 for the old place...

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