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For the Duck Hunters


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I would love to have someone out with me to take photos of birds working the decoys. I would love to have some good pics of that. Its what duck hunting is all about for me! Great shot!



I actually went out with a few guys on a duck hunt met then through different people so day comes I meet them say where i want my blind ( they would pay me for my pics)


Then tell them I need them close like closer than your shot gun can hit so I'll call take em


First birds come in I got focus and tracking them 50yds out their farthest decoy they all start blasting no birds fall dude says bet you got some good ones there I said nothing told you I'll call take em


Second flock same c-r-a-p third again so I said Ill just stand in the field at the 50 yard decoy see if that works any better called by buddy to pick me up and just marched away


BTW no ducks were harmed that day :D

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