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99 OUT OF 100, for the capture on the first shot.


I gave you 99,due to, you missed the dive,the snatch and grab. :tease:




I'd really like to get a dive sequence probably a small pond I could where there more confinded to an area Lake Ontario is a bit large

Love the firstpic, they are all good but the first is beyond words


Hopefully later this year I can get a similar camera, outstanding

Thanks I'm hoping to upgrade my body soon

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Rod bender if u have time could u pm me with what settings u used and what type of lens u had on to take those shots I really hope to get a camera like yours before the fall but I am still doing chiro and massage therapy to stabilize a couple of ribs. Plus we lost our engine in the truck re oil antifreeze combo


I have no income yet as I work on my own


Your pics cheer a lot of people up


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