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Bait & Tackle Shop on Highway 89 & Highway 11 *CLOSING!*

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Hey Folks,


I hope this hasn't been posted yet - But I went to the Bait/Tackle Shop there on Highway 89 - Saw a sign "50% off EVERYTHING". At 1st I thought, maybe he's just getting new stock? Turns out the place is closing! :(


Just thought I'd get the word out there....Sad to see his business close! :(

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The closest Bait shop heading towards Lake Simcoe Marina is somewhere on Ewart St (Convenience Store) on the LEFT (heading towards the Marina).


This is the ONLY PLACE I know of - on the way to the lake...


Anyone else know of other places, please share!

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I was there at 5:15 Sat morning,got the boys there 48 worm pack,and not a word said.He was just awesome,wonder why he couldn't get things to work?always busy for the most part .Sad!!!I'll sure miss him..

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Thanks Dave for the reply. Is that near Orillia or Gravenhurst or...? The only Hwy 89 that I know of us near Shelbourne. Is that the right area?



Yonge street and #89 east.East of the 400.Hope that helps Frank?Sort of at the border of West Gwilliumbury and innifil townships.Believe it's called innisfil bait and tackle.

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