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Workin' Down @ The Lake

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14 hours ago, DRIFTER_016 said:

It's not too bad actually.

Takes about 3 hours or so. Plenty of time to get there, set up camp and get fishing before dinner.

I've found it hard to bring everything I need for a good long trip though. 8 days is my longest so far.

Might have to leave the generator and espresso machine at home next time. ;)

Anytime you want to fly up and go camping for a week or so let me know Bill. :D

When we went, the biggest weight by far onboard was fuel.  We camped at two locations, the second of which was a helipad enroute to Lukotse (however that is spelled).  It was a long way back to the dock at YK!

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Just another ugly evening at the cabin.

Asians come here to fornicate under the Northern Lights. They bring their germs with them.

Tonight's dinner. 

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On 8/7/2020 at 1:23 PM, DRIFTER_016 said:

Lutselke'  B)

aka Snowdrift............which is easier to spell, even if it is not what the residents called their settlement...............

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Been hard at it, just haven't been posting.
Got the ceiling joists/trusses all finished up as well as the vent plumbing and fire sprinkler pluming all done in the attic. Still have some wiring and woodwork to do. Also have to finish the vaulted ceiling insulation before I can do the attic insulation.






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I'm assuming that was sunset, not sunrise...................."Red sky at night, angler's delight."

And only three weeks to freeze-up, eh Dave!😄

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Got one of my attic access panels done. Took a lot longer than expected but it fits perfectly. 18" of high density foam should stop any heat loss. Also put LED lighting in the attic for inspection and working. There's no room to get into to the attic without removing one of the walls to the access but it was built for inspection and access to the pipes that connect to the sprinklers if the galvanized pipe needs replacement at any point. 




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