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Workin' Down @ The Lake


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Took the day off work today. :D

Got the dock pulled for the winter today.

I also started disassembling the shabby shack and cleaned up the site. Moved all of the lumber needed inside to it's location and other lumber is stored under the cabin. Moved all of the skids out of the way as well. I even managed 2 hours of fishing. Poked over a dozen poikes in that time. A couple of good ones in the 15# range as well as a couple of monsters lost. I know at least one was in the 20+ range.






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Made it out to the cabin for the first time in 2016 and first time since October.

Seems the place is still standing and isn't full of snow so that's good.

Broke trail up the hill, but it's super sugary snow and I'll have to wet and pack down the trail after the road opens. No way I'll be able to haul anything up the hill without a good hard base.

Really easy to spin right down to dirt and rocks now. :(


Here's a few shots from today's trip.











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I had an interview a month ago and one of the questions they asked me at the end was "What animal would I want to be". Super stupid question, but I said the Honey Badger. Got the job haha. They will walk right into a lion pride and take what ever they want. They don't always survive, but they got balls.

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Can you get your truck right to the cabin...that looks like a lot of loading and unloading if not


Almost. An ice road runs past the front of my place.

It's about 1/2 km or so to the cabin from there.

I took this picture from the shore. You can see my truck off in the distance.




Later in the season I can get out there but not until the snow melts down a ways.

The snow's too deep at this time of the year though. Can't get there until late April.




Just because it's a Honda doesn't mean it won't go places. :D



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Lets get to work. I need to live vicariously watching you get er done. It may have been asked and answered but I'll ask regardless. Do you carry a weapon(s) for protection from Cobras and the such, if so what do you carry? I know you guys west are able to do so in different areas whereas here east no way, even in Toronto we can't, well some of us anyway.

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