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Have it ready Fisherpete


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Last year myself and Fisherpete swung a deal on an old outboard. The guys brought it up on one of our fishing trips.
I ran the old girl some last year and it ran well enough that it was worth spending some time on.
This is the result.

The original hood.







Checking the gears and resealing the case.





Freshening up inside.


Hood just about done.


Very close to completion.


And done.






Looking forward to hooking it up and ripping across the lake again. :)

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Another piece of artwork. The details you reproduced are fantastic. Rip across the lake, that is great, just don't get it wet.


If you would like to see some other great restorations of old kickers stop by Proctor Marine in Simcoe. Mr. Hayington has done many and is still at it. I think their website has a section showing them but seeing them in person is best. It's like a museum of old engines.

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The first electric start outboard was manufactured by Evinrude in 1930. I don't imagine they were very popular in those years mostly due to the depression.


Excellent work Bernie. Very impressive.

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Can I send you my wife?



Good job on the resto!


That 2 piece lower unit looks like a breeze compared to nowadays. I have one where I can't get the gears out due to a seized bushing. May have to sacrafice the housing and cut it in two. :-(

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Thanks for the comments folks.

Thought about the wife rebuild but it may cause trouble :)


The old girl will get on a transom again this year. The electric start is handy as it has good compression and is a good tug on the rope when it's cool out.


I'd like to get a pair of them done up and run twin engines.

Have another but not electric so need to do some parts searching.

It's all part of the fun.

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