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International Center Fishing Show

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spending some time with Karl Kalonka (the best BIG BASS angler in all of Canada, hands down) would be worth the price of admission in itself.


that man flat out can catch big largies.


i wasn't able to get out there this weekend, but if I did, he would be the person I would be most interested in talking to....


of course, hearing kvd talk about chucking spinnerbaits and hawking all his kvd gear would be almost....sorta.....nah, it wouldn't be exciting at all.


izumi and mercer are always entertaining....and worth hearing as well.

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From the large amount of people passing through our booth I can say the only a couple had complaints about this show. Some were even commenting on the one room they liked it.


I am very impressed with the size if the show it has been a great time.


Thank you to everyone for stopping over to the booth. It's been great getting time to catch up and also meet many Ofc members. Cheers Mike

It was a pleasure meeting you today Mike.

Thank you for your insight on fishing for those big ones.

I'll give that beauty lure a try this summer for sure.


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Did you buy flippers yet Max? LOL




YUM pepperettes


NO! It's on my todo list before everything melts. Thank you for reminding me :)


I half expect to see a post as soon as ice is out with you in the toon wearing a hat and mustang surival suit. :clapping:

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