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My First Boat


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Well i have been searching for my first boat for a few months now, finally found one that i like and made an offer!


I was mostly interested in a good musky casting rig, with the ability to go out on the big lakes and troll steelhead/salmon when needed, i think i found the perfect rig for my needs. Not to big, but can handle the rough water if needed


1992, Lund 1890 PROv dlx

1992 115 Merc

2012 9.9 Suzuki kicker

It came with some Big Jon downriggers and some downriggin rods and tackle as well.


Love the boat! got out last night for the maiden voyage and managed to land the first fish in the new rig, that was awesome! Had multiple other follows and a few lost fish as well, they will have to wait until next time.


My brother also got a nice pike...couldn't keep his musky pinned though...


Manged to hit 42.5 MPH with 4 ppl and a dog on board, was surprised at that.









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Thanks guys, I'm super impressed with the boat so far,


The previous owner took out all the old carpet and re-did with Nautolex Marine vinyl. I much prefer this, the carpets are hard to clean and look bad when faded/roughed up, I think that's why it looks like such good condition.


I looked at so many boats over this search, starcraft/crestliner/legend/tracker you name it....never really considered lund because most were 2-3000 over my budget...


This one had more horsepower and was longer/wider then pretty much everything i was looking at, so the decision was easy when it popped up right at the top edge of my budget.


Had to drive 3.5 hours to go get her on a moments notice, well worth it!

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awesome purchase!


I recently just upgraded and I love my alumacraft/etec but I did see that rig pop up on kijiji and thought it was a excellent deal!


im glad to see that it went to an OFC member. thats one super versatile boat and perfect for your intentions.


congrats. good luck with the slime this fall.

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