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Swinging in BC


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Screwed up writing this and only realized my mistake last night. I really wanted to mention that the spey rod that you see is built by none other than our own Braden Kemp (Kemper on here). Last winter I messaged him about the possibility of him building me a rod for the trip, and probably about 5 weeks of planning later I had my first spey rod! Every part of the rod was built to my specifications, handle pattern, grade of cork, reel seat material, seat hardware, guides, thread colour, blank and blank colour. Once it was built he gave me suggestions on reel selection, line, even some recommendations on casting videos! If you're interested in getting one made you can PM him, and I'm sure he'll help you out. Is this a bit of a shameless plug? Ya. But it really is shameless when the work is this good. ;)


Here are some pictures...



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Thanks for the plug there Chris.


That rod was an adventure to build, that's for sure.


I learned a few things...


1. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, strip the factory colour off a blank again. Man that was a pain in my A**


2. Nuclear green is very difficult to tie over a black blank. Every small imperfection in wrapping is multiplied. Wrap, rewrap, and rewrap again until it's done right.


3. Wear sunglasses when building a rod for Chris, that thing is BRIGHT!


Glad it worked well for you bud.

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