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week at the trailer


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Had a good week at the trailer last week, the weather co-operated nicely!
We got a late start to the week due to the boys making the semi's in a soccer tourney in Brantford 3 games Saturday and the semi on Sunday, we didn't get out onto the water until a bit before noon on Monday, Brought my sons soccer buddy along, he never fished before 3 weeks ago when we took him along for he weekend, and as always the new guy always seems to get the 1st fish of the week

Wednesday evening we went out to pitch some plastic frogs along the rapidly expanding shoreline (TSW took another few logs out from the dam)
3lbs 12oz bucket for JJjr! That put him atop the leader board for kids at the trailer park for the season so far, He was also leading last year until the last weekend but lost out...

took some time out to get a pic or to of the local wildlife
This little watersnake was sneaking up on the Bullfrog but decided against it (their brains do function! LOL)

I got mine on Saturday afternoon 3lb 6oz smallie, got beaten by the boy again!


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