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Confirmed - Cabela's To Open Store in Barrie by Summer 2014

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I am in Barrie quite a bit, but I will still buy most of my stuff from the local guy. I get Yamamoto baits for $2 less a pack by shopping locally. Those stores are good when you can't find the product elsewhere or you want to give family members a list of gift ideas. LOL The local stores are in and out for what I need, not buying a bunch of stuff because it's in my face.

American companies coming to Canada is only good if we get their prices.

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Sail,haven't really liked them personally,BPS ,take it or leave it,depending what I need .CT,gets most of my bussiness.More than welcome a new kid in town,especially Barrie!!!.As said hope there prices are at least competitive.Will defineatly check them out when they open.Thanks for the announcement!!

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i might shop there after all




If you find a lower advertised price from a competitor’s local retail store with the same item in-stock, simply bring the competitor’s current ad to a participating Cabela’s retail store and Cabela’s will honor such ad prices on identical merchandise (brand and model).


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Local paper:







Thinking outside the big box won't get you anywhere in Barrie's south end.

Two major American retailers have targeted Park Place in their scopes for two new stores.

Target Canada will put shovels in the ground this fall to build a 127,000-square-foot department store with plans to open August 2014.

And Cabela's, a large hunting, fishing and camping American retailer has inked a deal that will see them digging a 70,000-square foot foundation this fall for a spring 2014 opening.

“We're really excited, this is really going to flesh this thing out and get the whole area up and going,” said Terry Coughlin, managing partner of the North American Development Group that has been patiently bringing retailers to Barrie's south-end since 2010.

Cabela's opened in 1961 and now has 45 stores across the U.S. including three stores in Western Canada in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatoon.

The large fishing and outdoor gear retailer will offer about 200 jobs in Barrie.

“Thanks to the loyalty of our thousands of Canadian customers, and especially those across the province of Ontario, it was an easy decision to bring the Cabela’s retail experience to Barrie,” said Tommy Millner, Cabela’s chief executive officer.

“I can’t say enough about Canada. It’s a Cabela’s kind of place.”

Target Canada's big box store, slated to open next summer and employ several hundred people is its first build in Canada. Its initial foray into Canada saw 120 Zellers stores converted into the American name-brand retailer that opened earlier this year.

Target says they plan to open approximately 200 stores in Canada within the next 10 years.

Coughlin says there are 200,000 square feet of stores currently open, and Phase II – of which Target is the mainstay – will offer as many square feet, however several smaller stores are planned for the periphery.

“Next summer, you'll see it start looking full,” he said.

Originally the Molson Park lands, the 195-acres of Park Place faced severe opposition by Barrie city council in 2002 when it was initially proposed and ended up at an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing.

Park Place received OMB approval to begin building in October 2006 and plowed through the recession with contracts signed by Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Marshall's, a Future Shop (that has since closed), as well as several large restaurants including the Lone Star Texas Grill and Milestones.

An LA Fitness club is currently under construction and slated to open later this fall.

Although the majority of jobs in Barrie's south end will be at the lower end of the wage scale, Coughlin believes they are still viable employment opportunities.

“At the Lone Star, they hired 150 people, but there were 1,500 applicants," he said.

"So, anybody saying we don't need those jobs, tell that to the people who applied.”

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If you go in looking for that deal you'll get an argument every single time... Everything is more expensive here for the most part... If you can get it cheaper there after taxes/duty/shipping then order it online. Stop hounding the part time salesmen about corporate pricing structure.

People don't understand this and never will. They see you have a name tag on, that means you know all/see all in that store.


Because not only do people in retail have to take people's abuse and stupidity, they are also required to be full geniuses and work every dept in the store for that 10/hr.

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I can't stand people like that man, drives me crazy. Like the retail sales guy really gives a crap that you can get it online cheaper.. THEN GO BUY IT ONLINE!!!!! It's like people are just out looking for an argument.

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The store will be built in Cabela’s next-generation layout designed to surround customers in the outdoor experience. In addition to thousands of quality outdoor products, it will include a mountain replica featuring museum-quality wildlife displays, an indoor archery range, Gun Library, Bargain Cave, Deli and Fudge Shop.


A fake mountain, archery range and a deli! Count me in, LOL!

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July 10th is what I read on their home site .


I,ll drive by and have a look.


They are also opening one in Moncton, New Brunswick, in 2015

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Don't forget about are little guys,IMO,just another Bass Pro.American run.I will go in and probably buy a couple things I can't get locally.Great for the employed ,don't get me wrong. :) .

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Tom is smart Dave.


He,ll be fine.


The location IMO,is for travelers.



Tom treats me fair,I treat him the same.

I'm not so sure travellers really know about him?He needs the locals and word of mouth I think.Many people I have run into ask where to get minnows,and of course I forward.Tiffen is nuts in the morning and I am there real early.

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