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Northland Slick Stick Bottom Bouncers

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I've been a big fan of Northland's smaller Rock Runner bottom bouncers for the last few years. They're kind of a mini sized straight shaft slip bouncer that snaps onto a small clip that slides on your line. Like I said I love those bouncers, but they're only available up to 11/2oz in weight and oftentimes I use ones much heavier.


Northland came out with a similar bouncer in much larger sizes which they're calling the Slick Stick.






Again it's a single shaft slip bouncer that snaps on/off a small clip that slides on your line. (makes changing bouncers simple).



The really cool difference with these new bouncers is they're made of stainless steel. I used them recently and they're incredible. So sensitive compared to lead, you can feel every single nuance of the bottom.



Just a fantastic new product imo. They're now my go to bouncers, I absolutely love them!

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