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NeverWet - The best waterproofing spray ever??

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Just saw a news piece on this product being released to the public after years of commercial use. 
If it works as advertised I can see a hundred and one applications fishing and beyond.

I'd like to try it on rust-prone areas of my truck.   

It is currently available at the Home Depot in the USA, but not Canada, but hopefully soon.   

Check out these crazy demos:





What do y'all think??

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Ive seen the commercial "equivalent" called Ultra Ever Dry but like said, it wasnt offered to the public and was Ultra Expensive


Thanks for posting, illl definitely be looking into this version (im in the states so i may hit HD on lunch to see if its on the shelves)

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It's probably not available in Canada because it's harmful to you and or the environment. Like Teflon and other products we have been ingesting for years that causes cancer and other illnesses.


But.... It looks awesome and I would buy it lol!

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I tried to find out how long it lasts with no real answer other than their site saying they treated a piece of metal and left it in sea water for a year and it was still in tact. I'll wait for real world tests, but the potential seems very real.


I also read it WILL be available in Home Depot in Canada later this year.


It retails for $20 a kit at Home Depot USA and covers 15 sq-ft.


I'm definitely going to give it a try on some shoes and underneath my truck.

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Spray this stuff on your rod guides…No ice up when you’re steelheading :D


If you spray the stuff on clothing, will breathable materials like gore-tex remain breathable?


This product looks so awesome!

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I can think of lots of uses but I wouldn't put it under my vehicle.


If eventually when it loosens, water could get trapped behind it and increase rusting.


Can't beat a penetrating oil type product and apply again as needed.


My 2 cents

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Well, i cant upload any images as im having some computer glitches at the moment But.............


To me the product was a bit of good news/bad news


The good news is it works, with water ...........Bad news, is i tried it with oils........and did not get the same results. I treated a corrugated board half and half, and ran water over it and the treated side couldnt hold a drop.....just like the videos youve seen it ran off like water off a ducks back. The oil somehow still stuck like the board wasnt treated. .


Regardless, the worse news.......to me........was how the product coated whatever you spray it on. Its actually pretty aweful, as it leaves whatever you spray Frosted...........literally think of a frosty beer mug. That alone erased a ton of applications away from its possibilities. Appearance will be destroyed and transparency goes bye bye on anything you spray this on


The spray has two steps.........FIrst step is basically just like spraying a can of clear coat, and the second you can see the chemical reaction take place and the frosted look appear.


Either way, I thought of returning it but i think ill keep it around in case i want to waterproof something that i dont give a hoot about its appearance.


Im gonna give it 3 out of 10 stars lol, it works..........with water anyway, but i cant think of many uses for it as aesthetics is out the window once sprayed

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