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Guidelines for posting to this forum.

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There are a few things that we need to do to keep this from becoming a spammed forum.


1. You may post a review and a link to the item as long as you have no monetary gain from it.

2. This is not a forum for blasting a product that you do not like if you have a beef with the company or item take it to the company.

3. This is not for posting reviews about fishing guides, lodges,or local services they will be deleted.

4. This forum will be monitored by the Moderators and any review can be removed at our discretion.



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Went out today and picked up a Thermal Conductive Hand Warmer at CTC, product #035-5117-2 It's hard to see into the package and when I got home, found out it only comes with a USB charging cable, the vehicle plug is not included. After fiddling around, got it charged at home to see how long it would last. On line it says up to 5 hours, on the package it says 3.5 hours. It comes nowhere near to the heat you can get from the one use hand warmers that can last from 8-12 hours. This thing would barely get warm inside the house. To say the least, if your out hunting or ice fishing, this product is a waste of time and money. It will be going back for a refund.

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