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With a week before opener and most rivers running high and dirty I thought it was a good opportunity to post a few highlights from the spring season.


As usual I fished a lot, averaging 3 days a week during prime time.


Managed to get out with a few different OFC friends.


Chris (live2fish85)






Fidel (Highdrifter)








Aaron Shirley





'Course I managed a few myself.



















The "Michigan Dirty" in action:







The biggest highlight for me is always fishing with my young son Brendan and we managed to get out together a few times when the conditions were just right. Here's a few pictures and video clips from our trip to a favored Stateside trib. We hit it right on the button after a heavy rainfall when it was dropping and clearing. Oodles of fresh chrome steelhead, and almost no one on the river.


















Can you tell he's happy?





Managed a few video clips as well.


Here he is briefly attached to a really hot chrome fish




And a couple more landed on dad's centerpin.





This particular fish was special. I built the rod in 1987 for my uncle who very recently passed away. I recently reaquired it and it's Brendan's rod now. There's a lot of meaning and a lot of memories attached to it, and watching my son land a fish with it was therapeutic. 





Hope you enjoyed, cheers

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Thanks so much for sharing, great way to start a Saturday. Beautiful colors.


Looks like Brendan is outfishing you, he is a natural at it.


My son just turned 18, seeing those pictures makes me wish I could turn the tables back, best time of your life, look forward to seeing more postings, have a great weekend.

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Ya know.... a good story teller can stir emotions as they relate to the readers experiences. Keep the camera glued to your son Mike. They grow too fast. Even when Brendan is well into his adulthood... You are always going visualise this little man everytime he is beside you connected to a fish. He is a lucky lucky boy... And your a lucky dad... Thanks for sharing your own (hopefully) not too soon to be memories and stirring mine up

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nice collection of fish - and memories - there Mike. :clapping: Looking forward to making some more this year too - if that darn weather would just make up its mind - and stay warm.

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Another 'Great' report there Mike!


That pic of Brendon leaning waaay back is a 'Best' of For Sure!


Its fantastic, you are making the best of your time together, as kids really do grow up too fast.




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Of all the pictures, this one is the most meaningful to me. Excellent shot. Tells more to the story than any words you can add. A great moment shared right there.


Cheers, Ron...

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!


It's funny how boys and girls have such seemingly stereotypical interests even when they're raised exactly the same way. (at least mine do!) I suppose it's societies influence as well as their peers.


My son at 6 years old is already a rabid angler, he loves the sport. My 9 year old daughter not quite as much. She's been exposed to a lot in her young life yet doesn't have the same spark my son does.


And that's fine, you can't force kids to like something. The biggest goal with my daughter is to try and instill a real love of the outdoors and wild places in her. I've already got a bit of a start with that, but what I think I need to do is start bringing her on canoe trips. I really think she'll take to the sense of adventure, setiing up camp, lighting campfires and everything else that goes with it.


I'm going to try anyway. :)


It's all about the kids, there's nothing better.

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