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Perch Coming Alive from being ice stiff - Video

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I know I've posted the raw video in the past but going thru my collection of videos... couldn't resist and produce this for your viewing pleasure  :)
Can't understand why this perch came back to life after spending a full day frozen stiff  :blink:  :w00t:  B)  Just amazing  :o


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That's happened to me many times as well. It would be interesting to throw one of them perch into a tank and see if it would last say a week and see how the freeze affects their lifespan.


If someone could figure this phenomenon out, think what it could do for the fish food industry! Truly fresh fish at home!

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Drives my wife crazy when the perch start moving when I run water on them in the sink before cleaning. I've always found it strange that a fish out of the water for sometimes 8 hours and almost frozen can do this.

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Pretty comon occurance for me, when perch fishing Simcoe... those fish caught early in the day freeze up pretty quickly.

I recall years ago, I brought home a bucket of perch... almost all frozen solid. I was cleaning them in the basement, when my cat decided to come down and see what that smell coming from the basement was all about. She was pretty scared and tried to keep her distance, but gradually gained confidence. Eventually she stuck her nose into the bucket, only to have one of the perch start to flip!

Well, that sent the cat straight up in the air about 4 feet! I still laugh about that when ever I think about it.


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