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Heading to Cuba next week

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shiny spoons shiny stick and crank baits and leaders dont forget the leaders just as the sun comes up and before it goes down try to catch the tides coming up get a tide table for the week your there you cant beat silver if you use shrimp from the resort you can catch all the bait you need to put on a hook right through the middle of its back and throw it out. If you dont catch fish when you are there you will be required to sell all your gear when you get home unless you really want to dont try and target specific fish there is a wide variety there and they are always hungry watch what the locals are doing

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Ya just talk to the locals! Definatly pack big blade spinners, jigs, bodybaits, Heavy gauge hooks and leaders etc. I've fished around the Holguin area twice, dude the fishing there is awesome! If you get talking to a descent cat on your resort he may be able to hook you up with a friend of his that fishes! Thats what I did and got a full day "charter" for 45 pesos! Plus they cooked me a lunch and had cold beer!

This was just mangrove fishing not deep sea!


Have a good time!

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