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Namekus - my old friend

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Most of us target multiple species, but we mostly each have one specie that is top on the list, a fish that we are both passionate and more "studied" on. Many of us love the Musky, some pike, some trout, some pan-fish, and a large percentage of us are bass fanatics.

My preferred quarry is Lake Trout. Fish of many names, Grays, Togue, Gris Truite, Mackinaw... Namaycush, the Cree call them namekus. I've been chasing lakers for many years, starting as a kid out on ice with my father, and since then, both soft and hardwater. Smallmouth bass are a 2nd choice for me... in recent years, even on opening day for bass, I've found myself starting off the day popping a lake trout or two... then shifting to smallmouth as the waves pick up. If the smally bite sucks, I'm back to chasing lakers.
Namaycush are my true passion, denizons of the cold and deep, a symbol of pure natural Canadian wilderness.
Fast-forward to 2013... This hardwater season kicked off with a beauty 11lb fish
Best of January 2013
I fully expected it would be the best laker I would see this year, but...
On a recent back-woods laker hunt... I was proven wrong.The fishing was quite decent, with 4 average sized lakers caught, when an absolutely memorable "stop you dead in your tracks" :w00t: hit was followed by the most memorable nail-biter battle I have experienced yet.
This fish played every trick in the book...zooming upwards trying to slack the line, long drag-singing runs to the point where the spool was nearly empty, where I had no choice but to tighten the drag. Gaining line back on the spool...head shakes... and a few times, the laker just stopped and suspended steady. Couldn't lift it, drag would slip, all I could do was stay kneeled over the hole while keeping a bend in the rod for tension. Ziiippp!!! Back off the line goes again... all the while I was tweaking the drag to balance between being spooled vs the dreaded "ting" of a snapped line.
After a 15 minute tug-of-war, the fight finally ended with fortune smiling on me, :D this fella airside to say...
"Hello. I am the fish you see inside your eyelids when you sleep. "
The gaping mouth completely filled the 8" hole, the fight was epic.
Yes Namekus, you deserve to be returned, but I need one promise.
"Come visit again old friend, don't be a stranger.
February 2013 - Namekus - my old friend
I`ll be reliving this one over and over...
O4T B)
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That's a beautiful report! You put into words what many people think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Incidentally, around these parts, Salvelinus namaycush are called "touladi".

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Thanks for the comments, this one was certainly a highlight for me personally.

I sometimes hesitate to share because my intent is not narcissism / bragging, but sharing is what the site is all about, and I enjoy seeing and reading about others successes.


Incidentally, around these parts, Salvelinus namaycush are called "touladi".

Thanks! I forgot that name!! :)

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