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What is your favourite Ice Fishing Lure??

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I'm fairly new to the Ice fishing scene but I've had the best luck with a simple Spit shot, hook & minnow. Some of the guys I go with use Jig heads tipped with minnows and swear by Chartreuse or orange but in truth....they don't get any more fish then I do so I'm not really sold that the Jig head (or color) adds anything to the waters I fish.

I've used a Swedish Pimple, and jigging raps as well in a variety of colors and sizes but non produced better for me then a live minnow on a hook.



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Worm and hook for hardwater trout? Interesting.

Definitely...I never set foot on the ice for Brookies without bringing worms! You don't always need them but more often than not, they save the day!


Yes worms are excellent for trout... also salties when they are finicky and don't want worms ;):)

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