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Draw string reel pouch


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I was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen could point me in the right direction on where I may find such an accessory? I've got a baitcast and a spinning reel that I would like to have a pouch for. I've seen the neoprene ones, but they often leave the handle exposed. My dad has draw string cloth pouch for his Chronarch and it protects the entire reel.


I've checked BPS online and all they have are neoprene pouches for a fly reel.


Any info is much appreciated.


UPDATE: Found this on eBay, which is what I'm looking for, but are there any local retailers that may have something like this?


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Love the 'thinking outside of the box' mentality! I suppose a larger tackle box is in order to accommodate some fine glassware. ;)


I have a Rapala R-type spinning reel and a Quantum Smoke baitcaster (thx Uglyfish) and neither of them came with a pouch.


I must admit that I dig the Canadian link between the Crown Royal and our favourite pastime.

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